7 steps to Successful Implementation of Salesforce.com for Small and Medium Businesses (Part 2)

continued from Part 1…

5. Implementing your Salesforce platform: After the plan is authorized, resist the urge to add to or alter the scope. If there is a need for any change, then there has to be a strong change management system in place to accommodate such requests. Typically the plan contains the milestones, the tasks, an hours estimate for each task and a timeline to complete the project. During implementation, the team should review the progress on a weekly basis to make sure that the implementation team is meeting its objectives. If the implementation team does not meet the project objectives, it is important to correct the situation right away before moving on to the next milestone.

6. Training and Adoption: Comprehensive training for the end users, management, and the administrators are important to the success of any Salesforce implementation. The training should be developed and delivered based on the sales process of the company and the fundamentals of salesforce.com administration. Adoption is a big challenge to many businesses due to a number of varying factors – global workforce, differing company cultures, inexperienced staff, poor initial implementation, etc… In small and medium businesses, if the CEO and the top management start using the system in the proper manner, the adoption will be much easier for the entire company. As the business grows, the company can even appoint a Chief Adoption Officer to monitor the system and enforce adoption.

7. Review and Enhance: Once the Salesforce.com system is successfully implemented and the users are trained, then plan for subsequent projects. Remember, Salesforce is business platform, where businesses need to constantly work on the platform to continuously analyze the key performance indicators (KPI) and take measurable actions. The actions further can be grouped into small projects and implemented in a controlled manner.

About the author: Velu Palani, Senior Salesforce.com implementation Architect and Salesforce.com CRM evanglist. He works for www.gtr.net. He has been using Salesforce.com since June 13, 2000. He has implemented several salesforce.com projects for small and medium businesses. He regularly attends Dreamforce (global Salesforce.com conference) and shares his experience with the commmunity. He leads a team of salesforce.com developers, implementation consultants and administrators to deliver salesforce.com implementation and development projects. He is passionate about training traditional IT and Sales professionals and transitioning them into Salesforce.com platform. As an Architect, he has been building Recruiting Platform as a Service (RPaaSTM) for employers to hire the right people for the right job, and connecting job seekers to exercise their basic bill of rights using www.getmetherightjob.com community.


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