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90+ Salesforce.com Parties in 15+ Countries

People, Food, Drink, and Celebration–celebrating real accomplishment! This is the new Salesforce– the Lightning user interface, newly organized work space, new ways to create spaces in which to work, and new ways to see the results of work. Folks around the world and at our party in Schaumburg, IL clapped and smiled and chuckled. We were pleased! Trailhead courses were also Continue Reading...

Apex Wrapper Class: a Beginner’s walkthrough

Apex Wrapper class– a Beginner’s Walk. In Apex, wrapper classes refer to a type of content packaging. When I first tried to pull data from unrelated objects, my mentors suggested that I use the concept of ‘wrapper classes’. Long-ago-back-in-college, I did some case studies about inner classes in Java. In the middle of this,  I changed my profession and everything about Continue Reading...

What is the hardest part about getting hired, as Salesforce CRM or Force.com Talent?

Tell me your story! What happened the last time you tried to get hired, as Salesforce CRM or Force.com?...
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