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90+ Parties in 15+ Countries

People, Food, Drink, and Celebration–celebrating real accomplishment! This is the new Salesforce– the Lightning user interface, newly organized work space, new ways to create spaces in which to work, and new ways to see the results of work. Folks around the world and at our party in Schaumburg, IL clapped and smiled and chuckled. We were pleased! Trailhead courses were also Continue Reading...

AppExchange Product Traction

I’m learning about traction, product traction– business traction. I’m finding it useful in mapping the channels that we use to take our products and services to-market. I recommend the book, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares. Join me and others, as we discuss and implement this framework. If you’re in the Chicago area Continue Reading...

Repeatable Successful Hires: Right Person Right Job Right Time!

Broken systems are no fun!     A hiring system that doesn’t get the right people ‘onboard’ messes up everyone’s day, work life, and career. To make better hires, do you need to develop better ‘gut feelings’? Is your intuition lacking? Probably not. You’re just hiring more people than can be wisely accomplished relying on instinct! Without a system built to handle multiple repeatable Continue Reading...

GTR Hiring in Chicago: Client Development Representative

The Client Development Representative prospects and qualifies via phone, email, and social media to get and schedule qualified demo appointments for Customer Account Executives. The Client Development Representative provisions Customer Account Executives and Business Development Managers with qualified demos and appointments, which those roles are responsible to close. The Client Development Representative assists the Customer Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Continue Reading...

Salesforce Release Management

Chicago Suburban Salesforce Developer User Group Tuesday, Sept 16, 2014 in Rollling Meadows, IL   Salesforce upgrades their system each year with 3 major releases. When you have multiple development and production orgs, how do you manage all these releases? If you are developing applications for AppExchange, what should you consider to align your development with Salesforce releases. We will Continue Reading...

What is Role of the Salesforce Product Development Org – PDO?

Chicago Salesforce Partner User Group August 27th in Rolling Meadows, IL Registration Required (Must be Salesforce ISV Partner or App Developer) Panel Moderator: Colm Lennon, Founder, Hakka Products LLC PDO Repesentatives/Panelists: George Kenessey, CEO, Appiphony, LLC Bill Loumpouridis, Founder/CEO/President, EDL Consulting LLC / CloudCraze Jacob Cynamon-Murphy, Technical Specialist, Sonoma Partners, LLC  Bios:   Jacob Cynamon-Murphy Technical Specialist at Sonoma Partners, helps customers and prospects see the Continue Reading...
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