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Four steps to becoming an Awesome Achiever

If the experience you have with a person or a business does not match your expectations, immediately you may start analyzing or start looking for an alternative solution. It takes just a few seconds to find a quick alternative solution using Google or your favorite social media site. The same applies to you. Have you noticed that you are good Continue Reading...

Launch Relaunch Your CRM Journey

Do you start with a pain point, or a dream? Seventeen  years ago, I realized that I was obese and started losing weight. I have a spreadsheet that documents my ups and downs– overall more downs, than ups, There have been long periods of plateau, sometimes a loss of ground won; then another drive downward, then stabilize on another plateau. Over those Continue Reading...

Successfully Launch Salesforce

Concerned about jumping into a CRM? Need to manage your Salesforce startup costs? Want to keep your Salesforce startup to defined parameters? Desire a controlled transition to a new system? How do you accomplish all this? Take small bites and establish success. Choose a package to fit your needs, like one of the 9 below. Professional Edition Launch Remote – This Continue Reading...

Getting to See My World from Another Perspective

My assumptions about life are not the same, as those held by everyone else on the globe. Shocking notion, yes? For two weeks in February, I visited my colleagues in Chennai, India. These are the same coworkers with whom I talk most weekday mornings at 9:00 AM CST, their evening, 8:30 PM Chennai time. I had met our Chennai office Director Continue Reading...

AppExchange Product Traction

I’m learning about traction, product traction– business traction. I’m finding it useful in mapping the channels that we use to take our products and services to-market. I recommend the book, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares. Join me and others, as we discuss and implement this framework. If you’re in the Chicago area Continue Reading...

GTR Hiring in Chicago: Client Development Representative

The Client Development Representative prospects and qualifies via phone, email, and social media to get and schedule qualified demo appointments for Customer Account Executives. The Client Development Representative provisions Customer Account Executives and Business Development Managers with qualified demos and appointments, which those roles are responsible to close. The Client Development Representative assists the Customer Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Continue Reading...

What is the hardest part about getting hired, as Salesforce CRM or Talent?

Tell me your story! What happened the last time you tried to get hired, as Salesforce CRM or

My experience at Dreamforce ’13

I was one of the many first time attendees at this year’s biggest cloud computing event – Dreamforce 2013 in San Francisco, CA. The way the Dreamforce team managed the entire event– keeping 100,000+ people entertained and informed at the same time was awe-inspiring. By attending this 4-day event, I learned about the new Salesforce1 mobile platform, got even more Continue Reading...
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