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April 30th, 5:30 PM, Rolling Meadows

If you are a Chicago area Salesforce ISV Partner, or app developer, join the Chicago Partner User Group (first join Salesforce Partner Communities) and register for our kickoff event (once a member of Chicago Partner User Group you will be able to register via the EventBrite url on our user group page).


– Introductions

– 5 to 7 Lightning talks by colleagues who will each be given 5 minutes to address 5 topics:

  1. One pain they solve for their customers.
  2. One challenge they have in doing that.
  3. Help they might use to better address that challenge.
  4. Help they might provide other partners.
  5. A reason for this group to meet that would excite them.

– Break for pizza.

– Michael Kreaden, Sr. Director, ISV Success Programs, will be talking about Salesforce’s relationship to partners and addressing partner concerns.

– Finish pizza, beer, and conversations

– Newsprint and markers for noting your proposed:

  1. Future topics
  2. Speakers/format
  3. Group Charter: reasons to exit,  that make it worth gathering
  4. Reasons for gathering that will not draw you back
  5. What help can you offer to help make his group vitale.

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Charlie Havens, Salesforce.com Partner User Group Leader





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