GTR’s Service Builds Upon Strategy Partnerships: Long term valued partnerships —

  • We learn appropriate use cases for their deployment.
  • We train with them.
  • We confidently recommend them.

Let our partners know that you found them through Global Tech & Resources!


Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud computing and social enterprise CRM provider.

Our staff is embedded in Salesforce community and technology.

  • Velu Palani is leader of the Salesforce Chicago Developer User Group
  • Charlie Havens is co-leader of the Salesforce Chicago Partner User Group.



If your company configures quotes,
With Steelbrick Native CPQ –

  • Reduce quote-to-cash time
  • Standardize complex quoting
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase accuracy in sales pipeline reporting.

Two of our staff are SteelBrick Certified Admins.



If your company ships product,
With RevenovaTM

  • Price your shipping
  • Schedule and track any shipment with any carrier
  • Manage your own fleet

Three of our staff have trained with Revenova.


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