import2We work with customers who want to move data from different CRMs such as Zoho, Highrise and others to, using Import2 tools. If you would like to move data from different CRM to, please contact us for discussion with our Solutions Architect.

OwnBackup_thumb205x280OwnBackup will perform daily full backups of all your data on, including custom tables, custom fields and attachments. OwnBackup for metadata will perform full daily backups of all your metadata, storing all your Worflows, ApexCode, Pages and other metadata objects.Sandbox environments are supported. Our unlimited snapshot retention policy allows you to access and download any backed up data from any archive date. Free Trial.

ApsonaApsona for Salesforce: The “swiss army knife” for the Salesforce user, with a friendly user interface and tools for import, export, mass update, filtered searches, and reporting, is so easy. Study their training vdoes and give it a go! Run to problems, contact them and they are helpful.

  • Apsona for Salesforce offers:
  • Sophisticated reporting across multiple objects
  • Powerful filtering, including subqueries across multiple objects
  • “Exception” filters and reports (e.g., find all accounts that have no opportunities),
  • Multiple views of your data: editable grids, lists with tabs, calendars
  • Mass update of filtered data
  • Mass add-to-campaign and mass email for Contacts and Leads
  • Quick and easy data export of filtered data from any object
  • Built-in import, update and upsert features using standard CSV-format data, including importing into multiple related objects
  • All features supported on both native and custom objects and fields
  • All in a browser-based tool that runs right within your Salesforce system

Try this wonderful app by going to and downloading/installing a trial version. The app is slick and their support is superb.

Nonprofits Note: Apsona for Salesforce is offered free to those 501c3 nonprofits using the Salesforce Nonprofit Edition. You will need to send Apsona proof of your nonprofit status and they will turn your trial version into a permanently free subscription.

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