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Comrade Web Agency has five years experience bringing links to our clients’ Websites to Page One Google Results. Our programming team invented (and continually updates) a unique algorithm, consisting of seven (7) steps which let almost any kind of website dominate its market niche in search engine results. While every SEO situation is unique, in most cases we achieve first page Google results for a promoted list of keywords within 2-4 months.


While SEO and SEM are sometimes used interchangeably, they are two sides of the same coin. Online marketing is the combination efforts by which companies gain brand recognition via the Internet and attract qualified traffic to their websites. Because Google is the dominant search engine – by far – developing a strategy that places your company in the best view of Google will achieve the best results.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the collective actions of creating an SEO-friendly Web site and building backlinks from other respected Web sites “back” to your own. Thus, “on-site” and “off-site” techniques work hand-in-hand; and determine a page score for each page on your Web site. The higher your score, the higher your page appears in search results. Conversely, the lower your score, the lower your page appears. No individual Web page is guaranteed a spot; and there is continual “jockeying” for position. Thus, crafting an excellent Web site with proper tags, keywords and structure will increase your chances of competing for the top ten spots (page one) on Google. Often, you can not do it on your own. After all, Google expects all sites to claim that their owners are the best at providing particular products or services. Thus, when other websites begin linking to yours, they are, in effect, “voting” for your web pages. The votes are weighted more heavily when the Web sites are in your industry and have proven authority in your field.

Organic SEO often takes a larger investment at the start of a campaign, but produces qualified clicks at a rate that is 6-7 less expensive (on average for most keywords) after a 2-4 month period. Host server settings, robots.txt and redirects are a few of the technical issues that can be fixed (or established) once, in order to maximize your Web site’s chances at being favored by Google in its search results.

Link popularity comes into play as well; as Google considers social votes (facebook likes, twitter tweets, google +1’s, pinterest pins, etc.)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), on the other hand, is concerned with the paid placement of advertisements and links. Think of the cost associated with each keyword as being similar to the stock market. The more valuable a keyword, the higher its price will be bid. While SEM produces clicks instantly, and ensures Page One placement, visitors generally do not trust these links and will often use the information for research versus interactions or purchases.

A healthy budget that includes SEO and SEM will cause a company’s presence to appear more often; causing a generally favorable feeling about the brand.



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Reed Scott Adler photoReed Scott Adler, Marketer:  My name is Reed, and I enjoy helping people define and communicate their brand messages. I utilize graphics/illustration, typography, logo design, website development, content creation (copywriting), photography, videography and more… as determined in collaboration with clients; and based upon their unique needs. While my online portfolio gives you a sense of the work I do, I always welcome an in-person meeting to discuss projects, business strategy and interesting philosophies. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your journey!

I created REEDnWRITE at age 11; though it took several years to add the “.com” and build a business around the delivery of effective communications.

My favorite part of the design process is presenting companies, organizations and individuals with uniform, visual expressions. A consistent corporate identity is the quickest way, and most important building block, to achieving professionalism that breeds confidence among consumers and employees alike. Solutions include enhancing or de-emphasizing aspects of the company name, designing/refining a logo, writing a tagline, and establishing a writing style for collaterals, Web sites and social media platforms.

As the Internet became a force for business, I evolved my role to include Web site design. For these projects, my primary goal is to connect clients with their audiences: customers, vendors, new employees, investment community, etc. — all using the power of the Internet.

For those companies that sell products/services online, creating top-of-mind awareness assures greater Web traffic that translates to measurable bottom line results. Beyond the initial graphics and coding, my ability to strategize implementation of interactive content and integration of online marketing improves communications and amplifies brand recognition. Adding social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest have become a required part of clients’ successes as well.

The early part of my career involved a lot of design for print. The Internet had not yet flourished, and a typical company’s communications were promoted primarily through collaterals, such as brochures, flyers, posters and annual reports. Stationery systems (letterhead, business card, envelopes and labels) required me to create graphics, typography, illustration and photography. With the proper flair, I gave those materials life. Interestingly, print design has come full circle; as companies regularly print postcards and flyers that advertise all the electronic means by which they do business.
(312) 479-1105

LRS_logo-01 We are a community-building design firm  for groups that inspire positive change.

LimeRed Studio is a design firm in Chicago dedicated to doing work that makes people’s lives better. We’ve been everywhere from heavy industry to luxury cosmetics, but the work that we love — and performs the best — are the projects that shape communities, connect people, and contribute to making a difference. It’s also the work we are most proud of.

When clients come to us with a project, we help shape it and make it into something real by asking questions, meeting in person and researching technology, content strategy, design approach and measurement.

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