IP Concerns for Salesforce.com AppExchange App Partners

Intellectual Property Concerns for ISV Partners

June 25, 2014

Chicago Partner User Group Meeting.

Vivek Jayaram (Jayaram Law Group) and Mark Joy (Mark Joy, Leydig, Voit & Mayer, LTD) led Chicago Partner User Group members in a fantastic discussion on the issues involved in their protecting their app and go-to-market intellectual property .  Vivek focuses on copyright law and litigation, as it relates to information technology. Mark specializes in patent law, as it relates to software and hardware.


  • Make strategic decisions about which IP protections to engage based on stage of product development, whether you are protecting go-to-market strategy or product itself.
  • Some registrations are so cheap, that they are no-brainers.
  • Some registrations don’t require an attorney, others, like a patent, are something you may want a specialist to do. In either case, understand your choices.
  • Doing registrations correctly upfront, can save big on later legal costs, can give you strategic defenses other than court and arbitration, and may simple keep some people out of your space.

PDF of Mark Joy’s presentation notes: A Perspective on Patents: SalesForce Partner User Group Presentation June 25 2014


Thank you Vivek and Mark. I heard many positive comments about your presentation. At our next meeting, August 27th, we will have three panelists talk about Salesforce.com Product Development Organizations. Register at Eventbrite.

by Charlie Havens, Salesforce.com’s Chicago Partner User Group Leader.

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  1. Charlie Havens says:

    Bio and Contact Info for Vivek Jayaram:

    Vivek Jayaram is an attorney who practices in the areas of business litigation, copyright, trademark, and commercial transactions. He has represented a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as small and midsized corporations around the world in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, digital media, software, food and beverage, engineering, real estate development & construction, and the arts. Vivek has years of experience handling complex intellectual property matters and general business disputes on behalf of companies in state and federal courts around the country. During this time, he has litigated over 70 cases in Federal Court (including 36 intellectual property cases), and dozens of others in State courts around the United States.

    Vivek has extensive experience handling copyright and trademark matters for several domestic and foreign businesses. In that regard, he has prosecuted and defended counterfeit cases, infringement matters, karaoke, ASCAP, and other cases arising under the Copyright and Lanham Acts. Vivek has also assisted clients in obtaining, protecting and enforcing trademarks, including conducting and reviewing searches and investigations for trademark clearance; preparing opinion letters; filing and prosecuting trademark applications; monitoring and policing the use of trademarks by third parties; and providing general trademark and domain name counseling. Vivek has also negotiated and structured the license or transfer of trademarks through license agreements and other corporate ventures.

    Vivek routinely advises corporations from around the world on a variety of transactional matters that affect their business on a daily basis. He advises clients on the formation of general partnerships, joint ventures, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. In addition, Vivek has advised clients on forming international joint ventures, transferring partnership interests and dissolving partnerships. His approach to transactional law is an interdisciplinary one because Vivek believes that each corporate transaction has a potential effect on each and every component of a business’ organizational structure and operational potential. To that end, Vivek has also been extensively exposed to the areas of employment and real estate law as they typically apply to a company’s ongoing business. As a result he counsels his clients on employment agreements, consulting agreements, and other contracts that govern a company’s day to day affairs, including documents related to the startup of technology ventures.

    Jayaram Law Group, Ltd.

    33 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2900
    Chicago, Illinois 60602
    TEL 312.454.2859
    FAX 312.551.0322
    EMAIL vivek@jayaramlaw.com
    Litigation | IP | Business Law

  2. Charlie Havens says:

    Bio and Contact info for Mary Joy:

    Mr. Joy has practiced extensively in the area of computer technology including patent counseling, prosecution and litigation. He has written and prosecuted patents involving both computer software and hardware including control systems (regulatory and supervisory level control for industrial process control systems), mobile wireless communications, telematics, automotive electronics and engine controls, vehicle transmissions, operating systems, user interfaces, applications software – including remotely-accessed network-based applications, local area networks, computer memory architecture, computer security protocols, peripheral devices and computer peripheral interfaces.

    Bar Admissions and Registrations
    Illinois, 1990

    Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    University of Michigan, J.D., 1990

    University of Illinois, B.S. in Computer Engineering, with high honors, 1987

    Partner | Intellectual Property Law
    Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd.
    A Professional Corporation
    Two Prudential Plaza
    180 N. Stetson Avenue
    Suite 4900
    Chicago, IL 60601
    T: 312.616.5600
    F: 312.616.5700

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