Managing-Manipulating Too Many Permission Sets

What will you do if your SFDC organization is controlled by multiple administrators?

I recently worked on a client org with many multiple permissions sets for countless objects. It proved too difficult to track and maintain. A headache for all involved.

How do I handle 200 plus permission sets in 500 plus objects? There is no default way to manage this mess. However, we can untangle it with either of these:

  1. Using Workbench
  2. Using Apex Data Loader


Using Workbench:

With workbench, one can query all the permission sets. For example:

SELECT AssigneeId,Id,PermissionSetId FROM PermissionSetAssignment

This will return a set of records from which the user can choose which to update or delete; and change value accordingly. Hovering over the Id field allows you to select the desired option.


Using Apex Data Loader: 

With Apex Data Loader, use the query to extract the set of records into a CSV file. When Data Loader asks for a PermissionSetAssignment Id,  choose the delete option. Choose it from the CSV file which you downloaded earlier.

With either of these two options, we can more easily manage a multitude of permission set assignments.

Have you found other tricks for this situation?

Authored by Nirmal Christopher, Salesforce.com Technical Consultant
May 2, 2014             







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