solutions for growing 501c3 organizations

  • Meet mission goals through managing process.
  • Grow and scale processes using
  • Make your constituent communities mobile and social.

Can we help you get ready for Salesforce?

GTR begins by learning the information challenges that you need to solve. We help you understand the possibilities offered by the CRM Platform. Together, we create a plan for implementing a powerful solution. GTR implements that plan and coaches you in using it to better engage your communities and accomplish your mission.

Global Tech & Resources knows nonprofit business processes. We understand the power of your networks, the importance of your mission, and the constraints under which you function. We bring the tools to help manage that ecosystem.

 501c3 Quick Start Package

Quick Starts are fixed in price and scope. Each is based on number and kind of business processes being addressed, amount of data being migrated, and the Salesforce Edition used. These packages are limited to organizations with less than 20 employees. More complex/larger projects require a customized Statement of Work and pricing schedule.

We also offer a fixed price package for  migrating  from Convio’s Common Ground to Salesforce NonProfit Starter Pack. Contact Us to get started…

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