Sales Effectiveness Assessment

The Sales Enablement Assessment is an in-depth engagement designed to assess the client’s sales organization, process, and operations to identify opportunities for business improvement and prepare for a implementation. The engagement is designed as a diagnostic that provides the client with insights into the performance and organization of their sales team, based on GTR’s insights into sales operations, sales management, and sales automation best practices, including extensive analysis and recommendations for improvement.

The engagement discovery phase focuses on the client’s existing and planned products and services, revenue model, core competencies, competitive differentiators and key messages that serve as the foundation for their sales process. The resulting assessment compares envisioned growth plans with the organization’s actual ability to sell and deliver products and services, taking into account current staffing, firm competencies, and the marketplace for the client’s products and services. These elements help clients to understand how prepared the organization is to meet strategic growth requirements, and how will be used to facilitate the team’s success.
The engagement analysis phase identifies both the gaps and opportunities, and anticipates what will need to be done to fully integrate into the client’s business by focusing on their current revenue model:

Clients will fully assess their business model and revenue objectives to understand how the current sales organization must change to accelerate revenues, using as the underlying foundation to accomplish their objectives.
Clients will understand the linkage between their sales model and capabilities, and how that contributes to (or hinders) their sales success.
The analysis identifies and prioritizes implementation requirements (both business and technical) that will lead to a successful implementation, ensuring that the business and are updated together as a single process/project.
If a client has not yet implemented, the analysis will provide insights into decision criteria necessary to acquire the product. If a client has acquired, the analysis will allow the client to assess what needs to change to leverage the product within their business model.

The Sales Enablement Assessment ultimately delivers a Sales & Marketing strategy “Roadmap” that describes the revenue model, sales process, and go-to-market communications required for successful sales growth.

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