Synchronizing Salesforce Data with Company Website

Client An East Coast based economic development organization expertise in providing information on relocation and expansion needs. ChallengeThe client was publishing all their Investors details in their company website. Their goal was to provide most current and accurate information of the Investors on their website at all times.

The Client wanted to simplify the tasks by introducing cloud technology and synchronize their Accounts and Contacts with their Website.

Solution GTR built a cost-effective, easy to use and reliable solution for maintaining up to date information on client’s Investor Directory. GTR helped the client in developing this application on platform. All the Investors were created as Accounts in their Salesforce org. with relevant data including the Primary Contacts. The Accounts and Contacts details were exported (Master File) and uploaded on their website under the “Investor Directory”.

Whenever a new Account is added or modifications are made in the existing Accounts or Contacts, the corresponding details gets generated as .XML file and is attached to a Site (URL). This was possible to achieve by writing necessary Apex Classes to create .XML file and attach to a URL.

This web-based solution is developed, with no overheads in installing, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software. This project was developed and implemented in a short span of time.

Return on Solution (ROS) Compared to the earlier CRM that the client was using, Salesforce CRM is very economical, easy to maintain and develop their applications. Modifications in the Accounts and Contacts are directly updated to their website without any manual intervention. and client’s website are always in sync with out any issues.

– Vijay Chinnappan
Project Architect

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