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A South Eastern based organization that is expertise in building products and provides home needs.

The client wanted to implement their internal business processes using a strong CRM tool.  They wanted to track and monitor all their Accounts, leads, opportunities, forecasts, user activities, etc.

Prior to our CRM implementation, the client have never used any CRM in their business. So, they were unable to track activities of their Sales Representatives, including the volume of emails sent or the number of phone calls made to their clients/prospects. All such details were maintained by the individual Sales Representatives in the form of Excel worksheets only.  Hence they were finding difficulties in the consolidating the reports.

GTR provided a cost-effective solution in implementing their business requirements in Salesforce CRM.  GTR handled the entire project management of Application Customization, Data Migration and User Training.

Application Customization:  GTR implemented setting up of Company Profile, customizing Accounts, Opportunities, Forecasts & Quotas, Product/Price and creating Custom Reports & Dashboards.  Several custom fields were added in various objects to meet the requirements by the client. The page layouts were also modified to display the custom fields created in appropriate sections. In order to have proper control over the data GTR developed relevant Validation Rules and Workflow Rules and Triggers for this application. Several custom Reports and Dashboards have been developed to show the details of the client’s monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly Sales, Opportunities, etc. for current and previous years.

We gave them insight reporting as this is the major functional area they want to monitor closely and also dashboards to virtually show sales insights. This cloud based solution is developed, with no overheads in installing, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software. This project was developed and implemented in a short span of time.

Return on Solution (ROS)
By implementing their business applications in CRM, the client is now able to track activities for each Sales Representative and the company as a whole as well.  The client find the custom reports and dashboards are very useful to them for their day today activities to monitor their opportunities in pipeline.

– Vijay Chinnappan
Project Architect

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