GTR was able to identify and qualify a great candidate for our .Net Developer role. By using their Sourcing-Qualifying solution, we realized a significant monetary savings. This allowed us to be competitive in the market, offer a higher compensation to the candidate and make a successful hire. We are very pleased with GTR’s process and approach and plan to use this methodology for future opportunities.
Jason Miner
Senior Director of IS/IT

As an IT Manager for the Americas region, I’m facing recruiting issues for 18 offices across the US. I need to work with 18 different recruiting firms, processes and people. GTR allowed us to have one process, and one firm to deal with. We still need to work with each local HR, but I do hope that at some point that we will be able to do this centrally, like we do everything else. GTR is definitively the firm that can help us achieve that goal.
Vincent Z
(Representative of Global Management Consulting Firm)

Once we signed up, the team stepped us through their unique business model, with a hands-on approach to designing a strategy and constantly updating the program based on the outcome of each wave of the program. Their cloud-based reporting tool let me track and analyze the data and marketing campaigns, which proved overall to be more efficient and far reaching that any of our past sales-driven lead generation initiatives.
Kevin Masi
Co-Founder & President
Torque Ltd.

As the owner of a thriving financial services company in Berkeley, CA, finding the right people to fit into our organization is critical. The team (at GTR) have been right on track to find successful candidates in a very reasonable amount of time. Their fees are much lower than most other firms of their nature, which allows me to work with them more often.
GTR have filled two key roles in my company, which frees up my time to work with my clients. They made it so easy! When a candidate was qualified for my review, I logged into their RPaaS platform and was able to see all of the interview notes, comments, rank/score and log my own notes if I desired. Comparing candidates side-by-side was easy and gave me a clear understanding of each candidate’s strengths. Their platform scoring agreed with my own findings, which was very reassuring. And to their word, I interviewed 2 candidates and hired 1.
They understand our culture here and knows what we are striving to achieve for our management team. They saved me a great deal of time and expense – both precious commodities for a firm of our size. I would definitely call on GTR again to fill another role.
Audrey Grubman, CFP
Grubman Financial

As the Operations Manager, I have worked with GTR for over a year. They have been our partner in filling our full-time positions here at Aquent IT Solutions. They are very different from other staffing solutions. They really got to know who we are, what we do and what it takes to be successful here.
They created a few short videos about us to share directly with candidates. They call it “Employer Wisdom” but it’s really the silver bullet. Most of our candidates have required relocation and without these videos to shed insight on why we should be their employer of choice, it would have been much more difficult to meet our hiring demands. Their transparent approach allowed us to create best practices within our hiring organization and truly fix what was broken. They provide all of this for a very reasonable cost.
Our Client Success Manager is my one point of contact for a whole team that works for us. They understand our culture, the technical acumen required of the candidates and are able to quickly identify right-fit candidates and turn them into successful hires for our organization. The GTR team can quickly identify qualified candidates and get them interested in our positions. Additionally, we have a portal that we can log into to see all notes, recommendations, and Qualification Scores in addition to the candidate’s resume. This lets us compare candidates to ensure we only extend an on-site interview to the best ones. This keeps our costs down and helps us get the right people on board faster.
GTR was able to assist us in streamlining our hiring process, creating greater accountability with our Hiring Managers, and getting us the hires we need. (We) work closely together so (GTR) knows what is most critical for us at any given time…the entire GTR Team are valuable partners to the Aquent hiring team.
Jennifer Thiede
Operations Manager
Aquent IT Solutions

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