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Launch Relaunch Your CRM Journey

Do you start with a pain point, or a dream? Seventeen  years ago, I realized that I was obese and started losing weight. I have a spreadsheet that documents my ups and downs– overall more downs, than ups, There have been long periods of plateau, sometimes a loss of ground won; then another drive downward, then stabilize on another plateau. Over those Continue Reading...
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Where We Place Ourselves Matters

The end of April, I was on a mountain in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala celebrating my daughter and son-in-law’s marriage. It was conducted in three languages: Spanish, Quiche (a Mayan language), and English. This wasn’t the first time that I had been in the highlands of Guatemala. It was my eighth with my first time being in 1984, toward Continue Reading...

Getting to See My World from Another Perspective

My assumptions about life are not the same, as those held by everyone else on the globe. Shocking notion, yes? For two weeks in February, I visited my colleagues in Chennai, India. These are the same coworkers with whom I talk most weekday mornings at 9:00 AM CST, their evening, 8:30 PM Chennai time. I had met our Chennai office Director Continue Reading...

Single Sign On In Salesforce

Single Sign On in Salesforce is one of the coolest features from salesforce in a long time. Single sign on allows users to manage a single set of credentials for multiple corporate database accounts. Ease of use and its scalability provide a ton of benefit for the users and their organisation. The key advantages are as follows– 1) Reduction of Continue Reading...

Recruiting is Sales

I studied civil engineering, and I began my career as a software engineer. I worked in India, the Middle East, and the USA, and I have traveled to several countries (Asia, North America, Europe, and South America). I received an MBA, became a certified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist, and started Global Tech & Resources, Inc. to make a difference Continue Reading...
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