The CIO Role in Support of the Salesforce.com Business Platform

I have been a customer of Salesforce.com since 2000. I’ve implemented and supported the salesforce.com business platform in sales, service and marketing settings.

These implementations are performed by external system integrators in collaboration with internal Business and IT teams. In the enterprise, most such implementations come with big budgets, are completed with reasonably good results, and the business starts using the system without wasting time.

What happens next?

The implementation is complete. The system Integrator is gone. The CIO takes responsibility for delivering value. The users are ready to start using their new tool. The business team and the IT department take over the task of managing this platform and its adoption. The IT department supports the business users.

Salesforce.com is a business platform and it was implemented to help business grow. Are these original reasons for using the platform being met? If so, what is the secret sauce?

If the plan works, it does so, because the CIO has to create alignment around People – Process – Technology.

Over the next three months, I will share how CIOs in Salesforce business platform implementations builds alignment of People – Process – Technology.

People.  All team members require the right Competencies, Culture, Skills, Experience, and Knowledge.

Process. The proper processes need to be in place– project support management, environment management, change management, and document management.

Technology: Salesforce.com provides robust technology resources to build applications, but is it wise to build your own application?

Stay tuned for next month’s article.

Happy Giving Season !


Author: Velu Palani, Enterprise Salesforce.com Architect, Mentor, Suburban Chicago Salesforce.com Developer Group Leader, Trainer and Founding Partner of Global Tech & Resources, Inc. (www.gtr.net).

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